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How to Choose the Best Building Automation System

Guide to choosing best BAS Building Automation System

As there are many Building Automation Systems to choose from, and multiple factors to consider, choosing the most suitable BAS for your facility can be a challenging task. The choice can be even more daunting if you're unfamiliar with the various technologies now available and the wide range of features offered.

Ultimately, there are two ways to evaluate your choices:

  1. On the benefits they deliver
  2.  On the technology they use to deliver those benefits

Most installed BASs fall far short in how they deliver on some of the potential benefits a BAS can offer:

  • Comfort control
  • Optimizing energy efficiency
  • Reducing operational and maintenance costs
  • Enabling better decision-making about future investments
  • Enabling IoT deployments to deliver business improvements

First, you'll want to ensure the BAS you choose can offer all of the listed benefits and not some. Second, you'll want to ensure that you are choosing a technologically modern system so that it does not become out-of-date too quickly or be unable to be adapted over time to the new requirements that will no doubt continue to emerge. 

This of course is a simplification of what should be a very well thought out and researched decision. That's why we've created a guide to help identify and layout the many factors that you need to consider when selecting a new Building Automation System. Our guide provides the following:

  • Identifies factors you need to consider
  • Describes the features and benefits offered by BAS
  • Explains the latest trends in the market
  • You can view this Guide to BAS on-line or download a PDF copy - the choice is yours.  
    View Guide to BAS

Download a PDF copy

Chris Irwin

Chris is a J2 Innovations consultant who originally joined J2 in 2018 to develop sales in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Chris comes with a wealth of experience in the building automation market and skills in strategic business development and marketing. Chris spent 12 years developing Tridium's open framework business in Europe, so he is excited to be now working with the next-generation product. Chris is passionate about simplicity, energy saving, renewable energy, and electric transport.

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