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Alex Rohweder | 31 Mar 2020

J2 Innovations Is Here For You

In times of crisis and uncertainty, we are doing everything we can to assure business continuity and a high level of service quality. J2 Innovations would like to reassure existing and future partners that we have further adapted our value chain to cope with the challenges that the COVID-19 crisis brings. We are now able to provide to our existing partners the full range of FIN Framework related services, such as training and support, entirely remotely. With the launch of FIN Edge2Cloud this summer, we will also provide you and your customers the ability to remotely access your FIN Framework-based building, simply and securely. We are happy to provide to new partners the entire set of tools and services to assist in the partnership journey, from exploration and requirement definition to introduction of your custom version of FIN Framework into the market, while staying safe and compliant.

FIN framework online support COVID19

On-going technical support

Our partners continue to enjoy free of charge technical support and value-added professional services. Our teams are fully operational through desktop sharing, video conferencing, and other collaboration tools to help maintain that “face to face” interaction you’ve always enjoyed. In addition, we have a large library of online learning videos and tools, with more being added regularly. With the launch of FIN Edge2Cloud this Summer, we will further improve our technical support by providing easy IoT based remote access to FIN Framework sites (more information below).

Full range of FIN online training

Part of getting the most out of the FIN Framework is becoming an expert in the tools and applications. Historically, our team would provide on-site classroom instruction for technicians and developers in all parts of the world. In the last few weeks, we have worked hard to assure the same training offering can be provided online and with the same level of quality. We have transitioned our entire range of training from physical classroom to virtual classroom experience. The new training concept is called “FINstitute,” an online learning platform that delivers the content through a combination of live instruction and self-paced lessons.

At FINstitute, students can sign up for a course customized to fit their schedule. The typical three-day training is still offered - now digitally from your own space rather than in a classroom. This eliminates the cost of travel and keeps everyone safe. The platform brings together live presentations, videos, hands-on labs, and documentation culminating in a professional learning experience. Stay tuned for updates on our training page for registration details.

FIN Edge2Cloud

Whether you would like to remotely manage your FIN Framework based product or provide building operations and services without being on-site, FIN Edge2Cloud is the answer! Our FIN Edge2Cloud technology allows remote access to your FIN based product as if you were on-site, but without setting up a cumbersome VPN connection. Based on modern IoT technology, leveraging the MQTT connectivity standard, accessing FIN will become as easy as setting up a Nest thermostat. This Summer, we will launch our first package, Edge2Cloud “Essentials”, which comes free of charge as long as your FIN Framework product is under maintenance. Get in touch with our Sales team if you would like to find out more or are interested in participating in our ongoing beta testing phase.

As a global company, J2 Innovations is prepared for the virtual workplace. We are nimble and able to respond to challenges faced by the current COVID-19 crisis. We are stepping up and have introduced the first of many exciting new offerings. We will continue to provide world-class products and services to current and future customers.


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