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Out with the old. In with FIN

Out with the Old. In with FIN. (2)

A new year often heralds new year resolutions and the desire to make a ‘fresh start’ – why not begin with your building management system (BMS)? Older BMS are often no longer supported or updated, which means that you may not be getting the best carbon reductions, energy savings and cyber-security. Additionally, 2020 was dominated by the COVID-19 crisis and 2021 looks set to fare no better, which adds additional pressures and expectations on BMS and those that manage them.

What’s the solution?

If you or your customers have third-party legacy systems, go out with the old and in with FIN! FIN Framework is the principle technology of J2 Innovations and is the foundation of our out-of-the-box building operating system, called FIN Stack, that provides tools and applications that can be engineered quickly and easily. It is ideal for system integrators that want to get jobs done faster and provides exceptional graphics, simple user interface, mobile-first UI and state-of-the-art Edge2Cloud technology.

FIN Stack is an ideal choice for migration and upgrade projects and is available in North America through our network of approved distributors.

Here’s how FIN Stack could improve the performance of your business:

FIN Stack

More affordable than you think

Upgrading an end-of-life product doesn’t have to be difficult. We understand that you need a software provider that can bring the latest innovative technology with minimum stress and maximum success. Therefore, all our distributors are running a promotion on all new FIN Stack migration and upgrade projects, making it more affordable that you think.

Go out with the old and in with FIN to enjoy: 

  • 25% off all new FIN Stack upgrade/migration projects
  • 50% off FIN Stack Advanced Technician training classes from our world-class training ‘FINstitute’

“FIN Stack uses open standards which enables easy integration, providing enormous flexibility when upgrading and migrating a building management system. Haystack tagging and data modelling enables FIN Stack to automate many of the project configuration processes, plus superior graphics and mobile-first UX make it an ideal choice for system integrators.”
Mike LeBow

There you have it! Make 2021 a good time to look at migration from outdated BMS to keep up with the radical changes in building use and operations in the response to the effects of COVID, as well as reducing costs and energy use, alongside offering more flexibility to building users. Plus take advantage of some amazing savings on FIN Stack and training.

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Mike LeBow

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