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The Many Faces of FIN Framework

You may have heard the terms, FIN Stack, FIN Edge2Cloud, or FIN Supervisory & Control and wondered what the differences were. They're all application suites based on our core technology: FIN Framework. FIN Framework was born from the need to simplify smart buildings, smart equipment, and IoT. It's a software framework with application suites that can integrate, control, manage, analyze, visualize, and connect.

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FIN Framework's capabilities span many uses - from helping OEMs create a range of products and services to offering system integrators an out-of-box software solution. Here's an overview of the many applications of FIN Framework.

FIN Stack - engineer faster and perform better

FIN Stack is based on FIN Framework software and consists of a comprehensive suite of ready-to-use apps, enabling integrated BMS solutions to be engineered quickly and easily. FIN Stack was created for System Integrators as an out-of-the box solution. It supports standard open protocols, has a connector framework that provides easy toolsets to simplify integration, and a browser-based user experience.

Learn more about FIN Stack here.


FIN Supervisory & Control - a flexible system for complex buildings

FIN Supervisory & Control is an application suite based on FIN Framework, usually running on a controller, HMI, or server. Designed to simplify how users interact with Building Management Systems, it provides the full flexibility of an engineered building management system (BMS). The technology integrates all disciplines in a building while providing maximum efficiency in engineering and maintenance. The solution is equipped with a control engine and can also run system level control or plant room control functions, making it great for mid-sized or large buildings or campuses. J2 OEM partners have adopted this application suite into their own products and represent many of the brands you'll see in the BMS market, including the FIN Stack brand. 

Here are more details of how an OEM came to market with FIN Supervisory & Control.


FIN microBMS - small can be smart, too

FIN microBMS is an application suite on the FIN Framework designed for smaller, less complex buildings. It delivers the benefits of a BMS without the cost and complexity to make buildings smart, connected, comfortable, and efficient. FIN microBMS is equipped with a control engine and can also run system level control or plant room control functions. It employs a step-by-step configuration wizard to create a plug'n'play set-up, integrating lighting, heating, VRF, energy, and more. 


FIN ECO - equipment control and optimization

FIN ECO (Equipment, Control, Optimization) for HVAC is an application suite on FIN Framework that can integrate chillers, pumps, heat rejection equipment, cooling towers, dry coolers, and other related equipment. FIN ECO can significantly improve the energy profile, reduce the cost of service, improve the lifetime value of cooling equipment, and make equipment ready for the IoT. It's ideal for data centers, hospitals, offices, hotels, airports, factories, and more. Download the data sheet for details.



FIN Edge2Cloud - remote access and management

FIN Edge2Cloud is a feature that allows users of the FIN Framework to access building data easily. It allows users to service and upgrade FIN-based building, equipment, and IoT systems remotely and securely without the need for IT support or a VPN connection. Check out this blog post to see what else it can do!


FIN F200 - controller

FIN F200 is a hardware platform for FIN Framework and FIN Stack software applications. It's ideal for OEMs and distributors that require a bundled FIN hardware and software package for mid-market applications such as schools, offices, hospitals, and more. It can be bundled with FIN application suites such as FIN Supervisory & Control, FIN microBMS and FIN ECO, and enable the full functionality of a powerful BMS, without the need for server infrastructure.

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What customers are saying

Here's a look at some of the great feedback we've had from our 2023 Feedback Surveys.

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