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B. Scott Muench | 20 Apr 2018

Using the FIN Framework Beyond Smart Buildings

Our OEM partner, IoTwarez in conjunction with Hepta Control Systems is going beyond traditional BAS applications. They are using the FIN framework for their EntroCIM data center infrastructure management software.

What is EntroCIM?

EntroCIM makes intuitive management of mission-critical hardware a reality, with real-time power monitoring from entry into a facility down to the device level. When fully integrated with disparate building control systems from HVAC and lighting to fire alarming and water metering, EntroCIM allows for vast improvements in resource planning and allocation, with smarter reporting thanks to the use of standard tagging methodologies.

Using the FIN Framework Beyond Smart Buildings

Why is this exciting?

Hepta found a software solution in J2 Innovations to solve a problem for an entirely different industry: data centers. Not only did FIN help them solve the problem, it saved them a significant amount of development time and resources.

According to Hepta CIO Jason Houck, “There are hundreds of DCIM softwares out there, each one of the competitors in the market all do PDUs and some SNMP. Where EntroCIM comes into the game is we can do electrical data on Modbus, BACnet, SNMP, and pull in every product from every silo within a data center into a single platform - all with ease because of FIN frameworks SDK universal toolkit.

Normally when datacenter managers decide where a server goes they go over to the whiteboard to figure it out. Now, they can go right to their tablet, to the rack, and figure out where the server should go, what plugload it should be put into, and what Ethernet ports are available.”

Why they chose FIN

What drew them to J2’s FIN framework was our use of tagging and data modeling. It allowed them to apply that logic and basically create widgets and stencils for equipment that make the interface extremely user friendly. When it comes to DCIM software, nobody is really using a tagging model like EntroCIM does.

“The speed that we were able to bring a product to market was remarkable. Our software developers figured it would take 2 years to develop a product for a specific industry like data centers. With J2 Innovations FIN framework we were into development in 3-4 months and had a product ready for market. J2 has really helped us get to market quicker with their amazing support and tailored a program for us to come in and work side by side with them. I really consider J2 to be an extended portion of our team and a really great partner.” - Jason Houck

This makes us wonder what other industries could solve problems using FIN framework?

EntroCIM has received an IBcon award for the most intelligent special use facility, an award that Jason Houck contributes partly to using the FIN framework. You can check Hepta and EntroCIM out at IBcon this week and see for yourselves how innovative the technology is. Find them at booth #303.

For more about how FIN addresses the requirements in data centers click here.

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