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B. Scott Muench | 22 Oct 2019

A Look at the New DB Builder Equip Tree in FIN 5


One of the many
new features in FIN 5 is the brand new DB Builder. We re-built our DB Builder (or, database builder) for speed. The new UI helps visually organize the database and the workflows are optimized for faster database configuration. The DB Builder is entirely HTML5 and incorporates the powerful use of multiple trees to see and manage all aspects of a project database, all in one place.

In this blog, we will dive deeper into the Equip Tree, to show the versatility and speed when managing equipment within the project database architecture. First, you’ll see that the power tools have been categorized into sections based on their functionality, and are easily accessible by clicking on the gear icon. 

Clicking on the Equip Tree itself brings up a unique high level overview with dedicated tabs for each of the different architectural levels. Each tab opens up a unique and interactive grid that allows users to easily view and edit records on the fly. These tabular views are all designed to be context sensitive so that data that appears in each tab will also be determined and filtered by the current navigational context.

Once you dive deeper, you’ll notice that the equipment level of the architecture has an essentials tab, a summary tab, and a related graphics tab. Within the summary tab, each column of the grid comes with its own search and filter function that allows for the user to easily sort their results even further. New icons have been added to the equipment tree that allow you to; update the current navigational context, see a high level overview, or refresh the given record.

The individual point view has been simplified and enhanced visually to show concepts such as read, write, histories, and schedule. There is also a new property editor pop-up window that displays the individual record’s tags and enables more in-depth viewing & editing of that record.

As you can see, our new DB Builder Equipment Tree has been enhanced to improve visual organization, easier navigation, and make database configuration faster. Want to see it for yourself? Check out the video below for a walk through of its features and functionality. Read all about what’s new in FIN 5 here.

DB Builder 5.0 (Equip Tree) FINAL


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