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FIN Stack is now in the UK

FIN Stack UK

Our 'ready-to-use' version of FIN Framework (FIN Stack) for building automation is now available in the UK! It’s ideal for system integrators who need to be efficient, effective and need to have the latest technology at their fingertips.

We are excited to expand the availability of our out-of-the-box solution beyond North America to System integrators (SIs) in the UK via the UK-based automation specialist distributor, ControlsPlus Solutions, as well as via our existing OEM partners.   ControlsPlus has experience supporting and training SIs with Building Management System (BMS) software

Making FIN Stack available in the UK complements the other ways of obtaining FIN Framework via our existing OEM partners, by increasing the choice for SIs and specifiers when selecting a solution for their projects. FIN brings with it a host of superior applications and solutions to make life easier for SIs and end-users, compared to alternative smart building applications.  

With the benefits of FIN Stack already being enjoyed by system integrators and end-users in North America, are you ready to find out more? Let’s dive into FIN Stack…

FIN Stack in a nutshell

A 'ready-to-use' open framework which simplifies smart building management and provides integration, control, analysis, visualization, and connectivity. It includes a comprehensive suite of  apps for all the main building automation functions, enabling integrated BMS solutions to be engineered quickly and easily. 

Benefits include:

  • Based on the FIN Framework Supervisory & Control application suite that supports BACnet, Modbus, KNX, OPC-UA, MQTT and more
  • Fast engineering with template wizards and Haystack 4 tagging
  • A range of built-in and ready-to-use applications for building management
  • Smartphone friendly with secure remote connectivity
  • Hardware agnostic – select your platform
  • Available via distributors in North America and the UK, plus through OEM partners
FIN Stack Uk web

Sign up for our webinars – 23 or 27 September

Join VP Sales EMEA, Chris Irwin for a 'show and tell' webinar on FIN Stack. He’ll demonstrate the highlights of the software, explain training options, and answer your questions. Can't make the webinar? Register anyway to receive webinar materials for later review. 

Register here

Further resources

We have plenty of resources to help you navigate FIN technology, building automation, Project Haystack, and industry trends. 

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If you still have questions, get in touch, we'd love to help!

Jenny Evans

Jenny transferred from the Siemens UK&I Smart Infrastructure communications team to J2 in 2020. Jenny is passionate about the building technology industry and brings over 14 years of experience in marketing, communications and strategy. Outside of work, she is captain of a local field hockey team and enjoys taking her chihuahuas on walks.

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