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B. Scott Muench | 27 Dec 2018

What a Year 2018 Has Been!

2018 has been a big year for J2 Innovations! We attended lots of great conferences, grew our team, expanded operations globally, enhanced our FIN Framework, and made new partnerships along the way. Here are some highlights from 2018 and a look at what’s in store for 2019.

FIN Framework Updates

At the beginning of the year, we released FIN 4.5, which brought many improvements and featured "early access" to several 5.0 features. Later on in the year, we introduced a new set of components for the FIN dashboard and just a few weeks ago we provided a sneak peak of the new DB Builder.

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 4.55.56 PM

We also showcased a great case study that shows the FIN Framework can be used beyond Smart Buildings to Data Centers. Check it out here.

2017 Control Trends Awards

Our Director of Technical Services, Gerard Huff, took home the 2017 ControlTrends Trainer of the Year award. Gerard travels the world bringing his unique technical teaching styles to End Users, System Integrators, and OEM trainers. We’re proud to have him on our team and were so excited to see his hard work and skills recognized.


Speaking of Control Trends Awards, we have two team members up for awards this year, CEO Jason Briggs, and Support person Ricky Villa Valle. Have you voted yet? 

Siemens Invests in Our Future

In May, we announced that Siemens, our longtime customer, invested in J2 Innovations. Since then, we have been refining our processes thanks to the experience and resources of Siemens in the areas of HR, accounting, legal, and quality. We will continue our vision to “change and evolve an industry”, and together with Siemens we can accelerate our progress.


Introduced new team members

We’ve grown and expanded this year to serve more OEM partners globally by bringing on valuable team members with expertise in a number of areas. This year, we introduced you to the following new team members:

Attended lots of great conferences

We love meeting up with industry peers, soaking up knowledge and insights from others, sharing our own stories and experiences, and spreading the word about Project Haystack. This year, we attended and presented at a few great conferences.

We also joined The Intel Alliance, and closed up a project with Wells Fargo and IN2.

Looking Ahead to 2019

So what does 2019 hold? With FIN technology, additional resources from Siemens, and lots of new talent, we are looking forward to a great year ahead!

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